Official website of Sadelle McVie: poet, artist, photographer, musician, feminist, human rghts activist.

"She Only Comes Out At Night"

Yeah that's pretty much the truth. Come out with me. Howl at the moon with me. Here is where I open my veins to bleed life into my words.


How well do we survive the nights of pleasure unrequited - routines of normalcy and mystery, sacrificing everything for another, and all that ever really matters is your freedom.

Moonlight on the mountain side shines down deep into the valley, and I stand naked in the light without a care to hide. When you give all of yourself away, black and white become shades of gray extremely one way or the other.

We live to feel alive and full of love, but to that, I scarcely feel to speak.... but howl.

Out and not willing to hide from you, my love, or my identity.

Feeling no shame inside. Embracing the entity me.

The measure of all good that may,
Begins and ends with liberty.
Paradise and I lie bleeding.
Just me and my humanity.







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